Why A57?
A for Adventures, and we love adventures. 57 is the telephone code for Colombia. Adventures in Colombia.
Isn´t Colombia the most dangerous country in the world?
Colombia did have some serious security issues in the past. But the security situation has improved dramatically over the last 10 years. Tourism is on the rise at a rate of 10% annually. It is safe to visit and people are discovering what they have been missing. The only risk is wanting to stay!
Why chose A57?
Adventures 57 is the BMW official travel partner in Colombia. We are devoted to good service and unforgettable experiences for our customers.
Why should I go to Colombia and not other countries in South America?
Colombia is located in a privileged geographical location. We have access to two oceans (Atlantic and Pacific) As soon as the Andean mountains arrive to Colombia they split into 3 majestic mountain ranges, making the roads curve up and down throughout most of the country. We're sitting just above the equator which gives us the privilege of fantastic weather year round. Without harsh winters. If you’d like you could ride 365 days a year, granted you would get rained on some of those days but you will never suffer frost bite or snow falls. We are one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. And the people are trully warm and welcoming.
How much riding experience do I need?
Skill levels vary. Someone that has been riding 20 years could be as good or bad rider as one that has been doing it for 2 years. We only accept riders with at the very least 2 years riding experience. Some off-road experience is recommended. But truly, only you know how good a rider you are. If you have questions, contact us and we can discuss if you are fit for our tours.
How many KMs will we ride per day?
Tours will vary but the usual average for a riding day will be around 300KMs.
Do we ride everyday?
No we have free days throughout the itinerary so we can rest and enjoy the places we arrive to.
How much time do we spend riding each day?
We usually start our days early in the morning between 7-9 AM and ride until 5PM. Sometime days will be shorter, sometimes they will be longer.
Do we ride at night?
We avoid riding at night. But sometimes circumstances will make us do so. A repair, inclement weather, road conditions and repairs. All our tour days are designed to arrive at our destination with plenty of daylight left.
What language do the guides speak?
Our guides are all bilingual (spanish/english) we do have some that speak toher languages as well.
How many guides per tour?
There will always be 2 guides per tour. One on the motorbike and one in the support vehicle. Except on the smaller more adventure oriented tours. Where only 1 guide is present.
Do I have to always follow the guide?
It is not mandatory to ride always behind the guide. We have found that levels of skill vary and the guide will maintain a pace according to the average skill. However there will be some areas where we do ask you to follow your guide.
What qualifications do the guides have?
Our guides are all trained by BMW both in off-road and on-road courses. They all have had at least 5 years riding experience. Plus they all have first aid training and comprehensive mechanical skills.
Does A57 own it’s own motorbikes?
A57 owns all of the BMW Motorrad bikes on its fleet. We replace the bikes every 25,000 kms or every year. Whichever comes first.
Can I use my own motorcycle in A57 tours?
Yes. You can use your own motorcycle. But you are responsible for having all papers in order, insurance and must be in good mechanical condition.
Is there an age restriction?
Riders should not be younger than 22. Riders older than 65 need a doctor certificate proving they are fit to ride. All riders need at least 2 years riding experience. Pillion’s can be as young as 12.
Where is Colombia?
Colombia is located in South America. It’s the gateway between Central and South America. We border with Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, And Brasil and Panama
What weather conditions will we face?
Colombia is a place of contrasts. We will mostly be riding in hotter climates. The temperatures will range from 15 degrees to 40 degrees. Altitudes will range from 4000mts to 0mts.
Will it rain?
Colombia is unpredictable in this way. We do have a rainy season and a dry season. Yet rain can fall at any time, anywhere.
What gear should I bring?
We recommend you use all of your protective gear. Helmet, jacket, gloves, boots and pants. You will most likely be more confortable in summer riding gear. But it will always be smart to have a liner for the occasional drop in temps. A rain suit is advised.
Does A57 rent protective gear?
At the moment we rent helmets. You are responsible for bringing the rest of your protective gear.
What is the Colombian currency?
The colombian currency is Colombian Pesos. The exchange at the moment is roughly 1USD = 2,050 COP
Es A57 la mejor opción para un tour en Colombia?
Claro que si!