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Motorcycle Touring Colombia’s ‘Coffee Triangle’ Region

The Colombian highlands have towering palms, active volcanoes, and the best coffee in the world. And the region is rapidly becoming a premier destination for adventurous motorcycle enthusiasts looking for next-level tours.

Colombia is grand by almost every scale, specially aboard a BMW Motorcycle — skyscraper palm trees, mountainous climbs, mythical roads, and spectacular coffee. Arguably at the heart of what makes it so is the trifecta of sun, soil, and moisture. And it’s what makes Colombian beans the fruit of the gods.

Situated between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean, and very near the equator, the Colombian highlands counts rainfall in meters, not inches. And in these parts, rainy season pours nearly 10 feet of water inside a year.

While Colombia’s geography works incredibly well over a motorcycle , the combination of rain and altitude is the perfect alchemy for the universal elixir: the delicate and highly sought-after arabica coffee bean.

The arabica cherry is a picky fruit. Not just any configuration of sunlight, soil, and water will do. The arabica needs a specific altitude, a moderate temperature, buckets of water, and a meticulous harvesting technique. The berry takes between 5 and 6 months to mature, ripening bright-red at the end of the rainy season. Because the arabica grows on steep mountain slopes, workers handpick every bean.

A machine can’t tell the difference between the green, the ripe, and the overripe bean. But a knowledgeable pair of hands can selectively pluck over 400 pounds of perfect fruit a day. And in Colombia, that equates to nearly 11.5 million bags of coffee picked by hand each year.

And the juice is worth the squeeze. The smell is fruity — likened to blueberries — and the bean brews a “bright” flavor, with floral hints, a sweetness, a tang, and half the amount of caffeine offered by robusta bean!

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