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Top roads for Motorcycle Tours in Colombia

There are few things more enjoyable than riding a BMW motorcycle on the open road. The freedom, the adventure, the world at your fingertips. Colombia is not the first place that would pop into your head when imagining where those perfect roads might be. But, as the slogan says  “THE ONLY RISK IS WANTING TO STAY”  you will discover  it has some absolutely inspiring rides, from cold mountain top trails, to sunny palm trees, cristaline water, there is something for everyone. Are you looking for your next adventure on a BMW Motorcycle destination? Look no further.

Chicamocha Canyon

At 2000m deep, Chicamocha Canyon is Colombia’s own ‘Grand Canyon’ and the road which sweeps and winds through it is simply a joy to ride a BMW Motorcycle. The perfect surface, the endless curves and the stunning scenery – if there is one road in Colombia that will remind you why you chose to ride a motorcycle, this is it. It is also well worth leaving time to stop at the National Park which sits at the summit where you will find restaurants, hiking trails, paragliding and stunning 360° views of the Canyon.


Tatacoa Desert is actually a tropical dry forest and a stunningly different landscape to the rest of the already varied Colombia. As you descend from the mild mountain town of Alpujarra, the landscape transforms around you; trees are replaced by huge cactus and the green flora by bare rose coloured rock, while the temperature increases well into the thirties. As the road turns to dirt, you sweep into the vast open desert aboard your BMW Motorcycle, free to explore a truly intriguing landscape.


El Nevado

A faint squiggle on most maps, this high altitude trail runs alongside the national park Los Nevados. Among the magical volcanic scenery are immense brutalist rock formations, cascading waterfalls and black lakes. Other vehicles are few and far between up here and expect to cross streams, negotiate deep rutted tracks and run alongside steep precipices. And, when the clouds descend around you, partially obscuring the epic scenery, you will find yourself in an alien world, floating in the sky on top of your BMW Motorcycle.