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Visit Colombia aboard a BMW motorcycle

Colombia has become a very important touristic spot in South America, and it’s gaining more and more importance in the region because of the happy visitors who share experience in this incredible country with all its diversity and charm.

When talking about Colombia many people still believe that Colombia is a dangerous drug heaven but things have changed a lot. In this post we will show you why when planning your next motorcycle ride you should consider Colombia:

Beautiful and diverse landscapes

Colombia is a biodiverse country perfect for a motorcycle adventure!  you can find from the tropical rainforest to deserts, beautiful beaches to indigenous ruins and so on. When you travel by motorcycle you can discover the magic of this country between the mountains, how vegetation changes from one place to another and for some foreigners it is difficult to believe that traveling to another city means you are going to a totally different weather. The weather in each city is most of the time the same, without seasons because of the height change and that we are located in the equatorial zone.


Charming people

When you arrive here you will feel the warm people who welcome you and offer the best they have for you. In every town you go by on one of our BMW Motorcycle bikes people will make you feel confortable – everyone is proud of being Colombian and they want the world to know the country and all the beautiful things Colombia has to offer. Some Colombians probably cannot speak English easily, but they will give the best effort to help you in whatever you need. Colombia is well-known for their friendly and charming people, and also because of the beautiful women!



Colombia is conveniently located at the north of South America, it has coast in the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean. It is very close to United States and Canada and flights to Colombia are generally inexpensive from most of the American international airports!If you come from another part of the world it is also good to come to Colombia because it’s a good starting point for a Motorcycle tour in South America.


The coffee

Colombia is known worldwide because of the quality of the coffee produced here. Enjoy this awesome trip aboard a BMW motorcycle through the most iconic landscapes of our coffee culture where you will find beautiful traditional country houses, theme parks, extensive coffee plantations and wax palms fields only here in Colombia. Just ask for a “tinto” and fill with energy for the day!


Adventure and extreme sports

Colombia is the perfect place if you want to do some adventure or extreme sports. You can get off your BMW motorcycle and do some snorkeling, scuba diving or water sports. Taganga is the perfect location, with open water courses at a very good price. If you are in the mood for paragliding, rafting and this kind of extreme sports San Gil it’s a great place to go and the motorcycle ride is beautiful!! If you like hiking , climbing or caving Suesca is your place . And the list goes on with the number of activities you can do here!


The only risk is you want to stay more

You may have heard something about the drugs and violence in Colombia in the past years. We Colombians recognize that’s true, but nowadays the safety in the country has improved a lot and tourists are arriving to this country because it is an incredible place to visit on a BMW Motorcycle. It is not coincidence that the country’s slogan is “the only risk is wanting to stay” because that happens quite often. After you visit this country and seeing all its wonders you won’t want to leave!