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Personal information

Jaime Soler
Adventures 57 Off-Road Academy
Tenjo, Colombia

Congratulations to Luis Alejandro, Andres, and the entire A57 team. An intense, demanding and very well planned and executed course; I had never demanded so much on a motorcycle. Since yesterday, the smile on my face has not been erased. Expected from now the advanced level.

Santiago Barco
Marruecos Sorprendente
Bogota, Colombia

The lanyard would have been useful, the support vehicle fulfilled its function and helped us a lot. I would have liked the diploma and the photos but I have understood they give them to us later. Otherwise excellent tour and I do not miss the next …

Federico Albrecht
Marruecos Sorprendente
Miami, FL

The off-road option must exist on this tour. The quads must be rented in Merzouga near the dunes, so you do not lose so much time. In addition to this the experience was spectacular and highly recommended. I want to go back and bring some friends …